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AMC hosts Technology Acquisition and Sustainment Review Conference to address readiness

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. – Air Mobility Command hosted the 13th annual Technology Acquisition and Sustainment Review (TASR) Conference Aug. 12-13 at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.

TASR provides a forum for senior leaders to discuss mobility enterprise challenges and cultivate support for current and future-state needs.

“Today’s security environment is different from what many of us grew up in,” said Gen. Maryanne Miller, Commander of Air Mobility Command. “TASR offers an opportunity for us to look ahead and ensure we are technologically ready to compete, deter and win against future potential threats.”

The review has been held annually since 2006 and was recently changed from ASR to TASR to ensure technology is appropriately considered in future planning. The conference’s focus on current and future readiness involves consistent application of technological advances. Readiness is maintained not only by Airmen development, but also by technology development. 

The conference bolsters the command’s commitment to programs including conditions-based maintenance (CBM+), addressing capability gaps, and ensuring AMC is on the cutting edge of technology as it prepares for current and emerging threats as defined in the 2017 National Defense Strategy.

“What we need to be thinking about is how we keep this phenomenal logistics capability survivable and resilient,” said Dr. Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition.

With the battlefront ever-changing, AMC continues to evolve as it projects decisive strength to meet the demands of contested domains.