627 SFS bring back Police Week tradition

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Mikayla A. Heineck
  • 62nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 627th Security Forces Squadron (SFS) here put on several events during the week of May 12 through May 17, 2019, in recognition of National Police Week.

“National Police Week is dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifices of fallen military and civilian law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty protecting and serving others,” said Tech. Sgt. Lashuna Freeman, 627th SFS unit deployment manager.

Freeman was involved in planning, setting up, and coordinating the events of police week.

The police week festivities kicked off May 12 with a security forces demonstration at the McChord Field Exchange.

“The security forces demonstration consisted of a police vehicle for people to see, a weapons display, and security forces vests and helmets for people to try on,” said Freeman. “There was also a Phoenix Raven Red Man demonstration where a Security Forces Raven member gets in a protective padded red suit and people could strike the red man with a padded baton to see how it felt to strike.”

The week included such events as an opening ceremony, a chili cook-off, a remembrance run, and the Excellence in Competition (EIC) for M9 pistol match. The events wrapped up on May 17 with a Joint Base obstacle course competition and closing ceremony.

The EIC for M9 pistol is an elementary-level competition held annually by combat arms units.

“All participants who place in the top 10 percent in elementary-level EIC matches will receive 4 credit points and will be awarded the EIC pistol badge that can be worn in the service uniform,” said Staff Sgt. Dan Antonio C. Deladingco, 627th SFS combat arms instructor.

The EIC for pistol was organized as part of 2019 Police week, but there are annual EICs held for rifle as well.  Any Airman, active duty, guardsmen, and reservists, can register for the EICs. Anyone on JBLM was welcome to register for the Joint Base obstacle course competition.

For the Joint Base competition, teams made up of four to six individuals from different units here came to the McChord Field track where a course awaited them.

The course started with a lap around the track, followed by different tasks the teams had to complete including 20 jump squats, pushing a truck several yards, low-crawling under some camouflage mesh, and moving a 300-pound tire several yards.  The team that finished the course in the least amount of time won, this year, first place went to the “Phoenix Raven Team” from the 627th SFS.

Police week honors security forces across the nation, but locally it helped bring awareness and appreciation to the 627th SFS, which is one of the smallest in the Air Force, said Freeman.

“The security forces mission at McChord is a little different compared to a non-joint base,” said Deladingco. “We currently do not have law enforcement mission on base, but we provide security for the air field at home station and hostile environments. We also conduct weapons training for all AF personnel across JBLM.”

The last Police Week observance here was in 2014, but the 627th SFS renewed the tradition to help provide an opportunity to honor and remember fallen defenders.

“It is important because it allows those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to be honored through tributes and events, so those who are gone are never forgotten and their legacy lives on,” said Freeman.