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Working together ensures high-quality patient care

Regional Health Command - Pacific -- Puget Sound Military Health System (MHS) is launching a coordinated campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits offered to our beneficiaries.

Supported by the Defense Health Agency, the Puget Sound MHS was selected as a pilot site for strategic patient communications. Similar to civilian health networks, the Puget Sound MHS is launching a new brand and education campaign to help TRICARE beneficiaries and staff at medical treatment facilities (MTF) better understand our integrated health system and its many benefits.

What is the Puget Sound MHS?
The Puget Sound MHS is an integrated medical market consisting of Army, Navy and Air Force MTFs providing care to over 288,500 local beneficiaries. Working together across service lines ensures Service Members, Retirees and Families receive timely access to high-quality health care. This means an Army retiree may seek primary care at a Navy Medical Home Port, or a Sailor may have surgery at Madigan Army Medical Center. Our goal is to make the patient experience seamless wherever care is accessed.

Strength through collaboration
The Puget Sound region is one of the major readiness, training, and deployment platforms for our medical forces. The doctors, nurses, and technicians who go to combat to care for our Service Members maintain their world-class skills caring for patients in Washington.

The need for an integrated, responsive health system has never been more crucial. Collaboration between services improves access to care, removes unnecessary redundancies, reduces variation in care and will ultimately improve patient experiences while maintaining fiscal efficiencies in a resource constrained environment.

MTFs of Puget Sound MHS
Puget Sound MHS has medical facilities throughout Western Washington.

Army-led Facilities
• Madigan Army Medical Center
• McChord Family Medicine
• Puyallup Community Medical Home
• South Sound Community Medical Home
• Winder Family Medicine Clinic

Navy-led Facilities
• Naval Hospital Bremerton
• Naval Hospital Oak Harbor
• Naval Branch Health Clinic Bangor
• Naval Branch Health Clinic Everett

Air Force-led Facility
• 62nd Medical Squadron

A Typical Day in the Puget Sound MHS
a. 288,500 Beneficiaries
b. 6,414 Clinic visits
c. 1,303 Radiology procedures
d. 8 Births
e. 7,701 Lab procedures
f. 6,177 Pharmacy prescriptions
g. 140 Inpatient beds occupied
h. 45 Inpatient care admissions

Our leadership
Brig. Gen. Ronald T. Stephens is the Market Manager for the Puget Sound Military Health System and the Deputy Commanding General of Regional Health Command-Pacific at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Stephens is a board-certified physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a licensed acupuncturist.

Navy Capt. Denise Holdridge is the Chief Operating Officer of the Puget Sound Military Health System. In her role, she coordinates health care collaboration and optimization across the Puget Sound Market.

Follow our campaign on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PugetSoundMHS and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/PugetSoundMHS for the latest information and updates.