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Off-limits areas and establishments around JBLM

In accordance with the provisions of AR 190-24, OPNAVINST 1920.2A, MCO 1920.2C, COMDTINST 1620.1D and AFI 31-213, the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board has placed the following areas and establishments off-limits to all military personnel in the Washington area.

Champions Sport's Bar -- 8765 S. Tacoma Way
New World VIP Lounge -- 8722 S. Tacoma Way

Latitude 84 -- 8401 S. Hosmer St
Northwest Motorz, Inc -- 3010 S. Tacoma Way

G Standard Gym -- 10719 A Street S

All establishments throughout the entire state of Washington that sell substances similar to marijuana type substances (vapor, edibles or actual marijuana) https://lcb.wa.gov/records/frequently-requested-lists are off-limits to all service members