Recognizing the importance of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Henry Davis
  • 62nd Operations Support Squadron
Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month is celebrated annually in the United States during the month of May. On Oct. 5, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a Joint Resolution proclaiming the first ten days in May as Asian-Pacific Heritage Week.

In 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed an extension making the week-long celebration into a month-long recognition. In 1992, the month of May was officially designated as Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month by law.

This is important because the 62nd Airlift Wing has a diverse group of Airmen serving around the world in support of Air Mobility Command missions in providing worldwide cargo and passenger delivery, aeromedical evacuation and combat and humanitarian airlift contingencies.

The diverse population of Airmen also requires leaders who are diverse with respect to thought and experience as well as cultural, self identity and a number of other characteristics that are less visible to the eye than are gender and race. These are deep-level attributes that really matter that can only be gained by continued professional and personal education and experiences.

For the month of May, it is important that everyone takes the time to reflect and learn from the contributions of our Asian-Pacific American history in the Air Force. Our diversity improves our strength and we continue to be the number one Air Force in the world today!