Salute to armed forces women

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Melissa Bumgardner
  • 62nd Comptroller Squadron superintendent
Throughout history women have long fought for the right to be included in many facets of society. From the right to vote to breaking into traditionally all-male professions, the list of victorious battles and achievements goes on and on. Where would we be (or wouldn't be) today if not for the dedication and pavement of the women before us?

If asked, I'm certain each of us would be able to name at least one feat that has significantly impacted their life. Maybe it's the battle won against prejudices or that of being able to hold certain office; for me personally, it's the fight won to allow women the right to honor and the privilege to serve their country as part of the United States armed forces. What greater representation of prestige, honor and pride? Is there a more superior satisfaction than what comes along with being a part of what is considered one of the most courageous and traditionally respected professions on the face of the Earth? For me and my family, the answer is no.

History shows that women in the U.S. military have virtually always had a tough time making strides and we owe a lot to those who broke the barriers and opened doors. It is truly an honor to be part of such a legacy, to have the opportunity to stand guard, protect the freedoms of those around us and to be part of such a trusted allegiance!

Women's History Month spotlights the efforts of strong women throughout history. From the early pioneers to the women of today, it is you who continue to make advancements in effort to make career choices easier for those who will follow.

Regardless of the uniform worn or the uniform you wear today, whether you are serving from the lines of Afghanistan, patrolling airspace or pushing papers at home station, know that you and the work you perform are vital to the continued success for women everywhere. This month we salute you; those who have served in the past, who serve today and those who will serve tomorrow.