Security forces fulfill many duties at home, downrange

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Bob Kafka
  • 62nd Security Forces Squadron commander
Security Forces 101 isn't a class one would take in school -- it's the title of my article for the base paper. My goal is to ensure the base and retiree populace is aware of what the 62nd Security Forces Squadron does or you at home and downrange. 

Our unit's mission statement is to "deploy highly trained and capable combat-ready forces worldwide and execute superb Integrated Base Defense operations at homestation 24/7/365." Integrated Base Defense is the base's collective actions to safeguard and secure its resources and personnel. 

For our downrange mission, know we're representing Team McChord with pride and distinction during our standard 179-day and greater AEF tours and non-standard 365-day temporary duties to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. From 2007 to 2008, defenders deployed more than 30 countries. When deployed, we perform off-base convoys, vehicle searches, detainee operations, joint off-base patrols, fly-away security (providing aircraft security at desolate/ security lacking airfields), entry control and aircraft and base security. 

For our home station mission, we perform entry control, vehicle accident/incident response, vehicle searches, alarm response, aircraft/ resource protection level security, reunite lost children with their parents, criminal investigations, keep the peace, assist off-base police with military working dog teams as needed, and conduct base weapons training. 

Also, our security forces Airmen prepare other career fields to be mission ready. Here, we instruct three days of Expeditionary Combat Skills Training (individual/force protection skills) to all deploying 62nd Airlift Wing members. This local training versus off-station training affords Airmen more time to spend with family and friends before they deploy. 

Additionally, know that many defenders work behind the scenes supporting IBD. This includes our standardization/evaluation section, administration/personnel branch, antiterrorism/investigations branch, operations/training branch, resources branch and plans/programs branch. These defenders also have your well being and safety in mind. 

To ensure we don't lose the trust and confidence you have in us, the security forces creed, which supplements the Airman's Creed, guides your security forces on our conduct. 

The Security Forces creed binds us to: 
"Hold integrity above all ... wear our shield of authority with dignity and restraint ... seek no favors because of our position ... perform duties in a firm, courteous, and impartial manner, irrespective of a person's color, race, religion, national origin, or sex." 

We take this creed seriously for it reminds us daily of our commitment to you to maintain the peace, law and order ... a breach of this trust by any defender would be a breach by all. 

Finally, know that we're proud to be your security forces; we will be there whenever and wherever you need us 24/7/365; and we strive to never lose your faith and confidence you have in us to serve you in a professional, respectful, courteous and impartial manner. Our Integrated Base Defense success is gauged by your mission accomplishment when you successfully "fly, fight and win."